Safety and a productive future for all are at the heart of the way we operate. In line with this, we promote wellness, work safety and care for our people and communities. Our sustainability is based on constructive relationships and values that are aligned with our stakeholders.


Stakeholder value is created through acting on our belief that long-term success is built upon the foundation of employee and community wellbeing – operating in an environmentally and socially responsible way is a priority. The channels of communication are kept open with regular engagement meetings with host communities, landowners and stakeholders.

Our People

Since the commencement of our mining operations, we have taken on 118 employees (including contractors) and most of them are members of the local communities.

The inclusive Ikwezi culture creates an environment in which talented individuals who are passionate about high quality performance are able to achieve their full potential. Inspired, team-oriented and motivated to succeed, these people are true assets.

In line with our Human Resource Development plans, over
the next 5 years, we will:

Train 14 of our people on various ABET levels
Implement 14 learnerships
Train 65 on portable
Provide 10 internships
Train 29 on skills
Offer 05 year Geology and Engineering bursaries

Our Communities

Ikwezi projects focus largely on education and skills development. We view each project as a platform that contributes to the success and growth or our communities.

In 2020 we are investing in renovating early childhood development centres. Over the next 5 years, in compliance with our SLP commitments, we will:

  • Refurbishing and equipping 16 early childhood development centers
  • Constructing a fully equipped science laboratory for a local high school
  • Constructing a computer applied technology (CAT) laboratory for a local high school

Community Stakeholder

We not only engage with the communities in which we work, we also collaborate and partner with them. As a way of building meaningful relationships and facilitating open discussion. We have established a forum; members include representatives from Ikwezi Mining, community-elected representatives, land owners and traditional leaders.

News of business and employment opportunities at Ikwezi is made available at these monthly forums, representatives then share this information with the community at large. Ikwezi representatives also get to know the community on a personal level by visiting the various villages in the area on a regular basis. As a business with heart, improving the living standards and contributing to the economic upliftment of communities in South Africa is a key focus for us.

Community Engagement Model

  • Ikwezi Management
  • Ikwezi Stakeholder Engagement Representative
  • 40 members comprising of Community Committees, Land Owner Representatives, Traditional Leaders, and Regulatory Bodies
  • Land Owner Representatives
  • Community Committee (16 Villages identified as host communities, 2 members per village Total - 32 members in the Forum)
  • Communities

This community engagement structure plays a significant role in achieving clear, effective communication with all parties involved.

Ikwezi believes in building and maintaining meaningful partnerships within the communities where our operations are based. It is important to us that the local communities enjoy sustainable economic upliftment from our commercial activities. In line with our commitment to strengthen relations with local communities, we have:

  • Established the Ikwezi Community Forum with its Constitution
  • Forum meetings are held at least once every month
  • An employment process has been established at the forum
  • Employment opportunities at the mine are advertised at the forum
  • Business opportunities at the mine are advertised at the forum
  • Members of the Forum advertise these opportunities in their respective villages

Social and Labour Plans

Ikwezi’s social and labour plans (SLPs) make a meaningful contribution to socio-economic transformation. We focus on three key areas:

  • Education
  • Skills development
  • Infrastructure development

Along with our SLPs, we have implemented five Human Resource Development initiatives as a means to provide skills to the local community:

  • Learnerships
  • Adult basic education and training
  • Skills leadership
  • Bursary programme
  • Portable skills
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Other Community Initiatives

As part of our commitment to poverty alleviation, we provide business opportunities to members of wards around the mines for essential services.

Procurement, Enterprise Development And
Supplier Development

Ikwezi offers opportunities to SMMEs in the area to be
suppliers of goods and services to our site.

Our Community Development Projects

Renovation and equipping 16 early childhood development centres

  • Ntuthuko Crèche in Shepstone Lake Farm
  • Zilungisele Crèche in Diepsluiten
  • Sunrise Crèche in Kaalvlakte
  • Tholumuso Crèche in Cloneen
  • Sibongokuhle Crèche
  • Sivumelene Crèche
  • Siphumelele Crèche
  • Siphilakahle Crèche
  • Sibaphuthando Crèche
  • Siyakhula Siphukukhanya Crèche

Sibongukuvela Crèche

  • Siphosethu Crèche
  • Sibahle Entendeka Crèche
  • Samkelo Crèche
  • Kufanele Sibonge Crèche
  • Khayelihle Crèche
  • Constructing a fully equipped science laboratory for a local high school
  • Constructing a computer applied technology (CAT) laboratory for a local high school

Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives over 2018

Mandela Day

in partnership with the Dannhauser Municipal Mayor, Ikwezi assisted the elderly by providing groceries, microwaves, blankets and carpets.

Donated soccer equipment

including soccer jerseys, pants, socks, soccer balls, and a trophy for the winning team.

Donated a variety of seeds

for the communities of Doornkop, Anniville and Omdraai.

Assisted the Kliprand community

to feed their animals by donating bales of hay.

Provided funeral support

to the community of Shepstone Lake.

Provided support donations

to The Christian College of Apostolic Church of SA.

Provided legal support and bail payments

for community members.

Provided a donation

to BA Mncwangi as support for the Soccer Federation

Corporate Social Responsibility
Initiatives 2019

Mandela Day

We provided several early childhood development centres with much-needed equipment, including microwaves, new carpets, and books:

Health And Safety

Health does not only relate to the physical – it encompasses emotional wellbeing too. At Ikwezi Mining, we have created a pleasant, productive working environment in which all are afforded respect. We firmly uphold the right of our employees to be treated with dignity and fairness.

The health and safety of our people, and that of the communities in which we operate, is of paramount importance to us – it is an ethos that we instill throughout the business. The fact that Ikwezi Mining does not tolerate deviations from safety regulations is made clear to our employees and contractors.

Our safety training highlights the need to not only work safely to protect oneself, but to keep a look out for the safety of one’s co-workers as well. We are justifiably proud of our record. From 1st July 2018 to 30th June 2019, Ikwezi had zero Fatality Injury Frequency Rate (FTIFR) and achieved a safety milestone of 300,721 man-hours without a lost-time injury.

To ensure that our safety and health practices are of the highest level, we stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of employee safety and health and benchmark our systems against industry-leading practice.