Career development

At Ikwezi Mining, we look to the future – our future and yours. We welcome driven, visionary, talented individuals who would like to be part of a dynamic and diverse team of Creationeers.

Developing the full potential of our people is a key focus – to this end we continually support, train and mentor them. Our values are the foundation of our company – which is why we attract and retain people whose values, creativity and drive mirror our own.

Fraudulent Job Adverts

We live in an age where fake news and fraud abound. It is important to be cautious when responding to job adverts. Be equally cautious if someone phones you claiming to be from Ikwezi Mining. Ikwezi Mining does not advertise vacancies on any social media sites. We never ask for money in exchange for a job. We never send or receive any communication through a fax number, and we do not conduct recruitment activities after working hours.

If you are interested in joining Ikwezi, please go through the appropriate channels listed below.

You can find our job postings

  • At the company mine notice boards
  • On our website