for the Future

Who We Are

A proud ‘Creationeer’ with innovation, ingenuity, coal, cement and vanadium at the heart of our business, Ikwezi Mining brings a new dimension to the sector. We operate with confidence, honesty and reliability – adding value, improving whatever we touch, and providing a sense of security to those who deal with us. Our people are central to our business and we strive to develop our employees to be effective leaders in their areas of expertise. As trusted experts who are committed to excellence, we achieve our goals by understanding the needs of others and providing only the highest quality solutions.

Management Team

Tushar Agrawal
As Group Managing Director, responsible for the Group’s strategic growth, Tushar’s business administration degree, extensive hands-on operational and commercial experience stand him in good stead. His professional background includes international coal markets, mining, shipping, and cement business development.
Nitin Agrawal
Nitin is the Chairman of Ikwezi Mining Limited (ASX:IKW), Executive Director and CEO of Ikwezi Mining (Pty) Ltd and Group Executive Director for the Oza Holdings Group. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Science and IT. Nitin’s vast experience in business development and mining of coal and other resources led to the successful launch and comprehensive expansion of Ikwezi Mining and Ikwezi Resources.
Alok Joshi
Mr. Alok Joshi has more than two decades’ global leadership experience, built over mining and manufacturing industry segments and geographically spread across Africa, South-East Asia, Western Europe, Australia and the Middle East. Mr. Joshi specialises in cross-border mergers and acquisitions and will continue in his current role as Director Finance of Belvedere, based out of Dubai, UAE where he leads Belvedere Resources DMCC’s strategic growth and investment initiatives.
Sanjay Goel
Sanjay is the Director of Ikwezi Mining India Private Limited responsible for shipping, sales, and marketing operations. An Ace Master Mariner by qualification, Sanjay is both a Captain and a highly competent shipping professional. He brings decades of experience and expertise in shipping, International logistics, lighter age operations of bulk cargo and port operations.
Bonani Ndlovu
Bonani Ndlovu is the Director responsible for the Mining Business Units for the group. He holds a Bachelor of Laws (“LLB”) Degree and a Master’s Degree in Extractive Industry Law in Africa from the University of Pretoria, with a Master’s in Business Administration (“MBA”) currently being pursued with the Gordon Institute of Business Science. Bonani is well experienced in designing, developing and ensuring implementation of various case strategies, compliance and governance frameworks, predominantly in the extractive industry, with main specialty in the field of compliance management, stakeholder engagement and in corporate governance at large. His main objective is to guide, lead, manage and motivate teams to achieve maximum efficiency levels in the development of the greenfield and brownfield mining projects, which is key to the overall growth and development of the group’s mining portfolio.
Zaheer Surka
Zaheer is the Director responsible for the handling of coal logistics and new ventures. A Chartered Accountant by profession, prior to 2006 when he became a founding member of the Group, he worked at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Investec Bank. Zaheer has significant experience in mineral resources, business development, trading and logistics, with particular focus on coal.


To pioneer and create innovative businesses that become benchmarks in their fields. To have a positive human impact, enhancing quality of life for the communities in which we work.


We bring our vision to life by

  • Making people our greatest asset, harnessing their skills and dedication
  • Focusing our efforts on sustainable growth
  • Continuously improving skills development, operational efficiencies and business processes
  • Forging mutually beneficial partnerships with all stakeholders
  • Promoting a clean, safe and healthy work environment


Our purpose, priorities and beliefs are reflected in our actions – and we uphold them with everyone we interact with.

  • We act with integrity and engage with mutual respect
  • We prioritise quality and encourage high level performance
  • We promote teamwork, embrace diversity and are passionate about co-creating a positive workplace
  • We promote wellness, work safety and care for our communities

Our Culture

Our unique culture attracts proactive problem solvers and dedicated go-getters who are driven to excel and make their mark in their field. As a team, we constantly spark new ideas to ensure a resilient, successful and sustainable business within an ever-evolving environment.

We use analytical skills to visualise the impact of doing things differently – improving on established methods, products, processes, techniques, and technology. This perpetual innovation puts us ahead of the game when it comes to technical, commercial and operational excellence. Known for our can-do spirit, we never stop learning and growing – always focusing on the success of our business and our people.